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    Professional Development

Professional Development

WGTE offers Professional Development courses for teachers and educators. Participants in these hands-on classes will receive contact hours and the opportunity to earn graduate credit from Lourdes University. Discounts are available to WGTE supporters, member schools and districts. Learn more about school and district memberships.

Professional Development Training for Educators


Presented by Tina Bossenbroek, WGTE Public Media Educational Services Trainer, Google Certified Level 1.

 Educational Resource Center Fall Programs 2021

For more information or to schedule a training, contact WGTE Educational Services Trainer: Tina Bossenbroek At  or at 419.380.4634

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Drag and Drop Slides

Learn how to create a Drag and Drop Google Slides presentation to encourage your students to interact with the material you are presenting. This activity can be used in a variety of subjects and grades.

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Interactive Slides
Learn how to create an interactive Google Slides self quiz for students to assess themselves on the material being learned. This activity can be done in a variety of grades and subjects.

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Student Portfolios on Google Sites

Learn how to assist students in creating their own portfolio on Google Sites. This is a great tool for student led conferences.

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Create a Morning Check In

Using Google Forms create a place where your students can individually make a connection with you about how they are doing. View the results instantaneously and give your students immediate support and feedback.

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