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Educator Resources

WGTE Public Media and PBS build on the educational strength of public media to design resources to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Resources are aligned to Common Core and national standards and include videos and interactive media, as well as audio, documents, and in-depth lesson plans.

Health Science Careers and Construction Technology Careers

WGTE Public Media’s multimedia 2020 video series will highlight aspects of Career Tech Education (CTE) for parents and students on in-demand career choices, education tracks, and the workforce skills necessary for success in school and on the job. This series will use strategies identified in Ohio’s Strategic Plan, specifically Strategies 7 and 10, per ODE, to guide discussion of whole child issues as they impact the future workforce, identify education and career pathways within CTE, and share success stories.

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Multimedia Videos: Blended Learning

This video series highlighted aspects of Blended Learning for teachers. This series used strategies identified in Ohio's Whole Child Framework and Ohio Strategic Plan for Education. The MM21 series consisted of three videos, as outlined below, with running lengths between 10-12 minutes. videos were produced on location and in-studio with partners and subject matter experts from Toledo Public Schools and Sylvania Public Schools. 

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PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is the destination for high-quality, trusted digital content and solutions that inspire students and transform learning. Developed in partnership with the WGBH Educational Foundation and supported by public media stations nationwide, PBS LearningMedia engages educators and learners at all levels with content from America’s #1 Educational Media Brand.

PBS Learning Media

Knowledge Stream


Employing its expertise in video production, content distribution, and K-12 educational resource development, WGTE Public Media hosts Knowledge Stream, an online archive of free, video-on-demand multimedia resources for the public and for educators. The videos typically include local leaders given presentations on topics such as arts and culture, civics, health, history, science and more. Watch anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Knowledge Stream

Knowledge Stream Teacher Assets

Knowledge Stream Module

Supplemental lesson plans for educators that provide standards-aligned engagement for K-12 students on a variety of timely issues. These video excerpts and lessons were designed to support teachers and learners. Each module contains overviews and summaries, discussion questions, classroom activities and additional resources for lesson extension. Knowledge Stream videos delve into history, scientific research, social justice and so much more.

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Careers in Focus

Careers in Focus Logo

Through a generous grant from Broadcast Educational Media Commission (BEMC), WGTE Public Media produced Careers in Focus, which explores different aspects of career paths for several certificate programs as part of the ongoing Career Connections program. These career-path driven multimedia modules are comprised of in-depth and engaging short videos with accompanying teacher and student materials. Our goal is to inform students of the opportunities available to them with the option of not pursuing a degree in higher education. However, in an effort to promote college and career readiness, each video outlines the various options in terms of education above and beyond the basic certificate.

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Career Connections

Career Connections Logo

Through a generous grant from eTech Ohio, WGTE Public Media presents Career Connections, a series of videos that explore different aspects of career paths in social service. These career-path driven multimedia modules inform students of the opportunities available to them in the fine arts, world languages, and financial literacy. 

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Raising a Community of Readers

Raising a Community of Readers

In collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education, Broadcast Educational Media Commission and content experts, WGTE Public Media’s, “Raising a Community of Readers”, is a series of contextualized early literacy practices that offers educators, parents and caregivers methods to achieve literacy goals in everyday situations.

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