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Nature's Path

WGTE is proud to launch the 4-part web series and local broadcast, Nature's Path, in anticipation of The Age of Nature, a new three-part PBS series Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. beginning October 14, 2020 on WGTE HD. Narrated by Uma Thurman, The Age of Nature explores humanity’s relationship with nature and wildlife, as scientists and conservationists from all over the world find innovative ways to restore our planet.  
WGTE's 30 minute program Nature's Path aired Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 8:30 p.m. on WGTE HD.

Nature's Path

Nature's Path is a WGTE production that localizes the themes of The Age of Nature through conversations with area nature and conservation representatives from Metroparks Toledo, The Nature Conservancy, Running Wild Media, and the Sandusky County Park District.


The Nature Conservancy

Matthew Kovach, Lake Erie Coastal Program Manager for The Nature Conservancy, discusses the importance of carefully managing natural environments to achieve a healthy balance that allows humans and nature to thrive together.  He discusses the movement now underway to rebuild our area's waterways, water quality, coastal shorelines, and beaches in a way that restores ecosystem service and natural functionality.  Learn how decisions of the past have affected today and how today's decisions will affect the future health of our local natural world.

Running Wild Media

Alex Goetz, Founder of Running Wild Media, discusses how one individual has the power to make a positive difference in helping to preserve and conserve wildlife and their natural habitats.  He discusses how visually documenting wildlife is far more that just capturing beautiful imagery.  Wildlife filmmaking has the ability to communicate the story of wildlife in a compelling and emotional way that helps connect the audience to its importance and the need for their support.

Sandusky County Park District

Deb Nofzinger, Program Supervisor for the Sandusky County Park District, discusses the importance of physically and emotionally immersing yourself in nature and the pivotal role nature can play in your overall health and well being.  She discusses the various ways one can interact with nature.  She also discusses how interacting with your local natural environment can help you better understand our important role in the global ecosystem and the critical balance that is needed for humans and nature to successfully coexist.

Metroparks Toledo

Shannon Hughes, Manager of Park Programming and Interpretation for Metroparks Toledo, discusses the importance of increasing local residents' accessibility to natural areas and educational programming pertaining to wildlife, conservation, and habitat restoration.  She also discusses why it important to create opportunities for the public to emotionally connect to nature and responsibly enjoy natural areas while still keeping them clean, safe, and natural.