Electronic Currents

Mixing Board

Fridays 10 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Your home for Electronic Dance Music - from the rhythmic energy of House to the soaring melodies of Epic Trance; the skipping beats of drum and bass and the mellow soundscapes of chill-out. 


“Empyrean” by Jackarta, Moa
“From The Past” by Morgin Madison, Meeting Molly
“Oceans (Where Feet May Fall) (Extended Mix)” by LEVV & SJ feat. Audrey Assad
“Heaven” by PRAANA
“Lost On Origin (Imran Khan Sunset Mix)” by GMJ, Matter
“Ride Like The Wind” by Luca Debonaire, Paul Parsons
“Out Of Touch” by Crazibiza, Les Bisous
“Alive (Extended Mix)” by Gorgon City, PAX
“Smalltown Boy” by Block & Crown feat. Daniel Goodheart
“Elise (Tofu Extended Remix)” by Gareth Emery
“Dreaming Of You” by Netsky feat. Elias
“Little Bit Lighter (Pola & Bryson Remix)” by Bcee, Etherwood & Charlotte Haining
“Sunflowers” by Keeno feat. Thomas Oliver
“No One On Earth (Gardenstate Extended Mix)” by Above & Beyond, Zoe Johnston
“Too Far Gone (Extended Mix)” by Costa, Maxime
“Beautiful Chains (Extended Mix)” by Aurosonic, Dmitry Strochenko & Jan Johnston feat. Julia Violin
“Run Away (Highlandr Extended Remix)” by Craig Connelly, Cammie Robinson
“Enjoyable (Extended Mix)” by Dennis Pedersen, Gerome
“Light Up Love (Extended Mix)” by Ciaran McAuley & Siskin with GRNMO
“Shattered Skies (Extended Mix)” by Stowers & Cooper feat. Brooke Woods
“What You Don’t Know (Extended Mix)” by Trance Classics, Yentl
“Mark One” by Sasha, Franky Wah
“Save Me” by BT, Christian Burns
“Back Again” by Mr. Hilroy
“Carry Me Home (Acoustic Mix)” by Lost Witness, Laura-Ly
“Hello Sunrise (Chillout Mix)” by Sunlounger


“Lullaby” by Fake Mood
“Greatest Day (Lost Desert Remix)” by Double Touch, Reigan
“When Midnight Comes (Alex O’Rion Remix)” by RIGOONI
“December” by Sebastian Busto
“Something2Me (Extended Mix)” by Jordin Post
“Underwater (Extended Mix)” by MK, Anabel Englund
“Real Love” by Martina Budde
“The Cure & The Cause (Dr. Packer Extended Remix)” by Fish Go Deep, Tracey K
“When You Were Down (Extended Mix)” by Ludo Lacoste
“Someone To Love You (Morgan Page Extended Remix)” by Tritonal, Brooke Williams
“Acrylic (Extended Mix)” by NERVO, Jess Ball
“Feel New (Extended Mix)” by Butterworth & Bennii feat. Nino Lucarelli
“Say My Name (Tonight) (Extended Mix)” by Sevenn, Moonshine
“Leonie (Beatsole Extended Remix)” by DJ T.H.
“Call I’ll Be There (Extended Mix)” by Costa, Tricia McTeague
“What It Takes (Maywave Remix)” by Kyau & Albert
“Lost In The Desert (Extended Mix)” by MR90
“Sound Of The Alarm (Extended Mix)” by BiXX, Roxanne Emery
“Nothing But Euphory (Extended Mix)” by Eclipse (SK)
“Call Me Back To You (Extended Mix)” by Braulio Stefield, Sharon Valerona
“Closed Eyes (Extended Mix)” by Billy Gillies
“Universe Undone (Sam Laxton Extended Remix)” by Rene Ablaze, Tiff Lacey
“The Morning Moves The Sun” by John Beltran
“A World Before Time” by Scarr & Haen
“Sunset Strip” by Veeshy, Phonic Youth


“Into Your Head (djimboh Extended Remix)” by Gambitt
“Greatest Day (Extended Mix)” by Double Touch feat. Reigan
“Pillars To Butterflies” by Mike Isai
“Settle (Extended Mix)” by Dezza, Lauren L’aimant
“Mind Reader” by Sha-Ullo
“Lies (Extended Version)” by Sebastian Wibe feat. Jack Dawson
“Thin Line (Extended Mix)” by John Summit, GUZ (NL)
“Fine Lines (Extended Mix)” by Felon, EKE (NL)
“Alive (Extended Mix)” by Gorgon City, PAX
“Runaway (Extended Mix)” by Shift K3y, Sammy Virji
“Love Is Not Enough (Hybrid Minds Remix)” by Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston
“Broken Bones” by Whiney, Mitekiss & Ruth Royall
“Better For It” by Last Heroes feat. Clay Finnesand
“Haunted” by Sasha, Franky Wah
“You’ll Be Fine (Progressive Mix)” by Aurosonic, Fenna Day
“Still Got Time (Jordy Eley Extended Mix)” by Karanda, Sarah Russell
“Golden Light (Extended Mix)” by Euphoric Nation, Eric Lumiere
“Who You Are (Extended Mix)” by Loreno Mayer & Quizzow feat. Enya Angel
“Firmament (Extended Mix)” by Adam Taylor
“Back To Life (Extended Mix)” by ReOrder, Sarah De Warren
“Lost & Found (Extended Full Fire Mix)” by Roman Messer, Roxanne Emery
“Celtic Heart (Extended Mix)” by Sholan
“Honeycomb” by Lake Turner
“8 Hours, Still No Rain” by Hosini, Jones Meadow
“A Time When Everything” by Scarr & Haen
“The Future Is Now (Extended Mix)” by Jorn Van Deynhoven


“Long Road To Eden (Extended Mix)” by Meeting Molly, Morgin Madison
“Constellation” by A.M.R.
“A Secret Place (Extended Mix)” by Leaving Laurel
 “Oceans (Where Feet May Fall) (Extended Mix)” by LEVV & SJ feat. Audrey Assad
“Kaleidoscope (Sound Quelle Extended Remix)” by Matt Fax, PRAANA, & HALIENE
“Say Something (Syn Cole Extended Mix)” by Kylie Minogue
“Free At Last (Martin Ikin Extended Remix)” by Wankelmut, Anne Leyne
“Your Love” by Sentinel Groove
“We Found Love” by Block & Crown
“Heroes (Blackcode Remix)” by Mr. Black, Pangea
“Run Away” (Extended Mix)” by Arty, Vion Konger
“Nobody Like You (Extended Mix)” by Kosling & Bmark feat. Robbie Rosen
“Only For You (Extended Mix)” by Nicky Romero & SICK INDIVIDUALS feat. XiRA
“Dreamstate (Extended Mix)” by Karanda
“Lost In Love (Paul Arcane Extended Remix)” by SMR LVE, Roxanne Emery
“Miles Away (Extended Mix)” by Costa, Denise Rivera
“Years (Extended Mix)” by Daniel Wanrooy, Lachi
“Blackbriar (Extended Mix)” by Quizzow, Leonard A
“Evija (Extended Mix)” by XiJaro & Pitch, and Paipy
“No Limits (Extended Mix)” by Steve Dekay, Cari
“A World Without Us (Extended Mix)” by Nitrous Oxide, RedMoon, & Jo Cartwright
“Another You (Extended Mix)” by Allen Watts feat. Gid Sedgwick
“Gratitude (Chillout Mix)” by Thomas Benscher
“I Can Feel (Chillout Mix)” by Sunlounger, Dennis Sheperd
“Ever True (Chill Mix)” by Tenishia and Ana Criado
“Always You (Acoustic Mix)” by Follow Focus, Aylin


“Darkest Silence” by Tristan Case
“Alive (Extended Mix)” by Christian Burns
“Hide & Seek (Paul Hazendonk Instrumental Mix)” by Dax, LowaddictsSoundsystem
“Northern Star (Matan Caspi Extended Remix)” by Deza, Josh Kelly
“Enter (GMJ Remix)” by Golan Zocher
“So Hooked On Your Lovin (Gorgon City Extended Remix)” by Selace
“Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix)” by DiscoVer
“Guiding Light (Extended Mix)” by My Digital Enemy & Errol Reid
“House Arrest (Extended Mix)” by Gorgon City, Sofi Tukker
“Hot Shot (Extended Mix)” by Bklava
“In A Dream (Outwild Remix)” by Man Cub feat. SVRCINA
“Sunflowers” by Keeno feat. Thomas Oliver
“Taking Control” by Maduk, Lachi
“Can I Count On You (Extended Mix)” by Aurosonic, Costa, & Cathy Burton
“Bluebonnet (Extended Mix)” by Para X
“Our Moon (Extended Mix)” by Ferry Corsten, Lovlee
“Ascension (Club Mix)” by Kolonie
“Home (Above & Beyond’s Extended Club Mix)” by Above & Beyond
“Haunted 2020 (Extended Mix)” by Philippe El Sisi, Sue McLaren
“Closed Eyes (Extended Mix)” by Billy Gillies
“The Shimmering (Extended Mix)” by Metta & Glyde
“Moved” by Scarr & Haen
“Illuminate (Chill Out Remix)” by Costa, Ellie Lawson
“Eden (Acoustic Mix)” by SALVO & Hausman feat. Lumynesynth
“It’s All Over” by Qrion