Electronic Currents

Mixing Board

Fridays 10 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Your home for Electronic Dance Music - from the rhythmic energy of House to the soaring melodies of Epic Trance; the skipping beats of drum and bass and the mellow soundscapes of chill-out. 


“Silent Summer” by Budakid
“The Worship (Patrice Baumel Extended Remix)” by AVIRA, Diana Miro
“Run Away (Extended Mix)” by Tinlicker, Ben Bohmer, & Felix Raphael
“Quid Pro Quo” by Savrun Brothers
“Shadow On The Sun” by Sixth Ocean feat. Leo Islo
“Just Be Good To Me” by Block & Crown feat. Linda Victoria
“Your Love” by Sentinel Groove
“Heaven Earth (Extended Mix)” by Laurent Simeca, Stephan M
“Long Train Running” Ben Rainey & Bissett feat. TRP
“All Cried Out (Extended Club Mix)” by Lucas & Steve & AlterBoyz
“Back To You (Extended Mix)” by Nicky Romero
“Be The Same (Extended Mix)” by Timmo Hendriks, Lindequist
“Acrylic (Extended Mix)” by NERVO, Jess Ball
“Hello Sunrise (Club Mix)” by Sunlounger
“Don’t Look Down (Extended Mix)” by Chicane
“Nepal (Extended Mix)” by Steve Brian, Brendan Mignacca
“Let Me Go (Extended Mix)” by Hausman
“Awaken Joy (Extended Mix)” by Ferry Tayle
“Beside You (Sean Tyas Extended Magikal Mix)” by Somna, Noire Lee
“How Did We Get Here (Extended Mix)” by Steve Byers
“Rivers (Extended Mix)” by Trance Wax, Moya Brennan
“Om” by Tastexperience
“One And The Same” by Helios
“Honeycomb” by Lake Turner
“Sunfall” by BT


“Pallas” by Morttagua
“Tigers (Extended Mix)” by Christian Burns
“Sailor’s Cry (Extended Mix)” by A.M.R.
“Falling In Love Again (Extended Mix)” by Danny Stubbs, Marta Burns
“Miracles (AVIRA’s Unplugged Extended Mix)” AVIRA
“It’s Real Love (Block & Crown Club Mix)” by Funk Supreme
“Made It Back” by Richard Grey
“Meant To Be (Extended Mix)” by Da Funk Junkies
“The Same Thing (Club Mix)” by Luca Debonaire, The Giver
“Endlessly Unlimited (LSB Remix)” by Bcee, Charlotte Haining
“Can We Talk?” by Degs feat. Nu:tone & Duskee
“Zenith” by Slippy, Fiora
“Painting Skies (Sunny Lax Extended Remix)” by Cold Blue
“Right Now (Extended Mix)” by Somna, Blu Eyes
“All Smoke & Mirrors (Costa Extended Mix)” by Danny Eaton, Fenna Day
“Memory Of You (Extended Mix)” by Frainbreeze, Denise Rivera
“Rising Star (Extended Mix)” by Hays
“Forever In Your Arms (Extended Mix)” by Michael Angelo
“Sweet Surrender (Extended Mix)” by DJ T.H., Michele C
“So High (Extended Mix)” by LR Uplift, Natune
“Hard To Face The Truth (Extended Mix)” by 4 Strings, Suzanne Teutenberg
“8 (Circle) (Extended Mix)” by Chicane
“Take Me Back” by Bass Sky
“Cold Light (6 a.m. Remix)” by KC Lights feat. Leo Stannard
“Out Loud” by Fairlane, ROZES, & JT Roach


“Higher Ground (Costa & Aurosonic Extended Mix)” by Zetandel, Tiff Lacey
“Ghost Town (Myon Tales From Another World Extended Mix)” by Myon feat. Nikol Apatini
“Have Mercy (Pavel Khvaleev Extended Remix)” by Paraframe & Macarena
“I Wanna Know (Extended Mix)” by Dezza, Emme
“Poison (Extended Mix)” by Scorz feat. Jaime Deraz
“Set Free (Club Mix)” by Harry Bolton & Keepin It Heale feat. Kate Aster
“No More Looking Back (Extended Mix)” by Idris Elba & Inner City feat. Steffanie Christi’an
“Girls Like To Have It All (Calippo’s Summer Piano Extended Mix)” by Lika Morgan
“One More (Mark Knight Remix)” by Nile Rodgers, S G Lewis
“Lies (Extended Version)” by Sebastian Wibe feat. Jack Dawson
“Used To Love (Extended Mix)” by Crystal Skies, Ekko
“Remember (Extended Mix)” by StadiumX & Timmo Hendriks feat. Robbie Rosen
“High On A Feeling (Extended Mix)” by BlackCode & 9 Lives feat. Katie Murphy
“Can’t Sleep (Extended Mix)” by Evan Wilder
“Key Of Time” by Mozarski
“Calm The Storm (Extended Mix)” by Super8 & Tab feat. Roxanne Emery
“Only Me (Extended Mix)” by Beatsole, Eugenio Tokarev, & Kimberly Hale
“Look At Me Now (Extended Mix)” by Ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe de Luca
“Wait (Extended Mix)” by Farius
“Uncharted Waters (Extended Mix)” by BiXX
“Lost Myself In You (Katrin’s World Extended Remix)” by Re:Locate, Simon Anthony, & Meredith Bull
“Days To Come (Seven Lions 1999 Remix)” by Seven Lions feat. Fiora
“Dreams (Extended Mix)” by Thomas Nikki
“Think Of You (Acoustic Mix)” by Tastexperience, Sara Lones
“Welcome To Your Life (Oscuro Extended Mix)” by Gareth Emery
“I’d Go Back (R.I.B., Seven24, & Eugene Cortez Remix)” by LTN, Christina Novelli
“Waterfall” by Zetandel, Tiff Lacey


“Past Times” by Approaching Black
“Captivated (Extended Mix)” by LTN, Ghostbeat, & Nina Carr
“Should Have Seen It Coming (Extended Mix)” by Franky Wah feat. Aetho
“Kestrel (Extended Mix)” by Jake Kaiser
“Alive (Extended Mix)” by Christian Burns
“Saratoga (Extended Mix)” by Ashworth
“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Extended Mix)” by Mark Knight & Beverly Knight feat. The London Community Gospel choir
“Keep You Closer (Future Kings Extended Remix)” by Gold 88, Ola
“Make Me Forget (Extended Mix)” by Funky Fool, Denis Kalytovskyi
“Somebody Else (Extended Mix)” by Calippo
“Open Water” by Jason Ross feat. Heather Sommer
“Friend” by Pola & Bryson, Ruth Royall
“Still Miss You” by Technimatic, Charlotte Haining
“Everbright” by Outwild
“Chasing Stars (Adam White Extended Remix)” by Dave Ralph
“Sunrise (Extended Mix)” by Costa, Elara
“Tale Of Us (Progressive Mix)” by Aurosonic, Katty Heath
“More (LTN Extended Remix)” by Somna feat. Blu Eyes
“Amanilo (Extended Mix)” by Alan Morris
“Save You (Cold Blue Extended Remix)” by Richard Durand, Christina Novelli
“The Love In Your Lies (Extended Mix)” by Steve Allen, Trance Classics, & Meredith Bull
“So High (Extended Mix)” by LR Uplift, Natune
“Tears Away (Extended Mix)” by Nord Horizon
“Namaste (Beachcomber Mix)” by Tastexperience, Johan Gielen
“Save The World (Sunlounger Remix)” by Roger Shah, Natalie Gioia
“Illuminate (Chill Out Remix)” by Costa, Ellie Lawson
“Signal (Jean-Michel Blais Piano Version)” by CRi, Daniel Belanger