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Trends in eduction are changing constantly and there is always new research coming out - it makes it hard for educators to keep up. Let us help! Get the latest news and information on teaching and technology curated by us for your reading and learning pleasure in one convenient place.

  • STEM Activities
    How to put together inexpensive STEM ideas

    From Little Bins for Little Hands - STEM ideas on a budget.

    Inexpensive STEM ideas are really possible especially for young kids! It might... Read more

  • The Counselor's Role
    The Counselor's Role: Scaffolded Support In and Outside of the Classroom
    From Edutopia: For most of our students, graduating from college, let alone high school, is a new mindset. Most of our underserved student population is... Read more
  • Professional Development
    Upcoming Professional Development

    Chromebooks for Educators

    Chromebooks are becoming the go-to tool for the classroom. Join us to learn more about this device, Google Drive, and practically everything you can do with a... Read more
  • iMovie
    Quick Trick Tuesdays - April Edition
    Join us for an hour once a month for our Quick Trick Workshops and learn about one new aspect of technology that will help in your classroom. Stick around afterward for Q&A time for tech... Read more